Blinders One Piece Swimsuit - Citizen Glory
Blinders One Piece Swimsuit - Citizen Glory

Blinders Bodysuit

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Who doesn’t like options in their wardrobe?  This bodysuit also doubles as a swimsuit. We’re sure you will come up with something fabulous!

  • 82% polyester, 18% spandex

  • Chlorine-resistant fabric

  • Scoop neckline and low scoop back

Please note that contact with rough surfaces and velcro fasteners should be avoided since they can pull out the white fibers in the fabric, damaging the swimsuit’s appearance.

INSPIRATION: We have blind spots in our life that keep us from living out our full purpose the way God intended us to. This is a reminder to ask the Lord to remove anything you may be blinded to so you can fully embrace the vibrancy of God.