The Throne Athletic Shorts - Citizen Glory
The Throne Athletic Shorts - Citizen Glory

The Throne Women's Athletic Shorts

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Running? Check. Swimming? Check. These versatile athletic short shorts have a comfortable fit and there's no need to buy a different outfit for every activity you want to do. The water-repellent fabric dries quickly which also make the m great for a quick swim.

  • 96% polyester, 4% elastane

  • 2.5’’ inseam

  • Four-way stretch water-repellent microfiber fabric

  • Elastic waistband with a flat white drawstring

  • Mesh side pockets

INSPIRATION:  Ezekiel's inaugural visions of God in Ezekiel 1 are amazing prophetic descriptions of our Creator. He described seeing four creatures in the whirlwind of God's presence, one of which had the face of an eagle. Later on in Ezekiel 1, he describes seeing the throne made entirely of lapis lazuli.